Episode 87

Why Gleason 6 Prostate Cancer is Not Cancer with Dr. Scott Eggener

In this insightful episode of our podcast, we delve into a controversial and highly relevant topic in the realm of prostate cancer – the classification and implications of Gleason 6 prostate cancer. Our guest, Dr. Scott Eggener, a renowned co-director of the U Chicago Medicine High Risk and Advanced Prostate Cancer Clinic Program, brings his extensive research and expertise to the table. With over 250 publications, Dr. Eggener has been a leading voice in questioning the traditional labeling of Gleason 6 as cancer, given its non-life-threatening nature and distinct pathological appearance.

This episode offers a deep dive into the reasons behind Dr. Eggener’s argument for not classifying Gleason 6 as cancer, contrasting his views with those of Dr. Adam Kiebel, who advocates for its recognition as cancer. We explore how the term 'cancer' carries significant emotional and psychological weight, often leading to anxiety, depression, and instability among patients.

Join us for a compelling discussion with Dr. Scott Eggener from the University of Chicago as we navigate the complexities of prostate cancer classification and its impact on patient care and perception. This episode promises to be a thought-provoking exploration of a topic that affects many yet needs to be discussed with depth and clarity.


Dr. Eggener's website - https://www.uchicagomedicine.org/find-a-physician/physician/scott-eggener


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