Episode 85

Why your Doctor is Unhealthy with Jay Shah, MD

It's common to visit your physician and wonder if they're genuinely practicing what they preach. There's an unsaid expectation that doctors should personify health, but is that always the case?

In today's episode, Dr. Geo talks with Dr. Jay Shah, an esteemed staff surgeon and associate professor of urology at Stanford University, with his added role as the Cancer Care Program Leader at Stanford's Cancer Center. Dr. Shah graduated magna cum laude from Harvard and completed his medical journey at Columbia University - where Dr. Geo and Dr. Shah's paths interestingly intersected in the early 2000s.

Dr. Shah is not only a leading figure in urologic oncology but also an avid advocate for holistic health. Their conversation sheds light on the importance of overall well-being in the medical profession.

Together, they delve deep into the challenges physicians face in prioritizing their health. Is it an inherent mindset or a systemic issue? How can doctors realign their health compass, especially in diet and sleep?

Join us in this candid conversation with Dr. Jay Shahas and Dr. Geo as they unpack the ways physicians can genuinely walk the talk when it comes to health.


Dr. Shah website https://profiles.stanford.edu/jayshah


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