Episode 95

Key Heart Health Tests Your Cardiologist Might Be Missing with Alon Gitig, MD

Join cardiologist Dr. Geo's interview with Dr. Alon Gitig in an enlightening conversation about cardiovascular health and risks in this first installment of a four-part HEART SERIES hosted by Dr. Geo. 

This engaging interview delves into the significance of arterial plaque and biomarkers in predicting heart disease and stroke. Explore intricate topics such as calcium scanning, the distinctions between noncalcified and calcified plaque, and the potential pitfalls of specific health indicators. Uncover the limitations inherent in contemporary cardiology practices and learn about the revolutionary possibilities offered by advancements in ultrasound's 3D imaging technology for risk prediction. 

The discussion also touches on crucial aspects of personal health care, insurance issues, and adopting a proactive approach to combating cardiovascular diseases. With a strong emphasis on prevention through nutrition, exercise, and the judicious use of specific drug classes, this dialogue provides invaluable insights into achieving and maintaining optimal cardiovascular health and longevity.


Dr. Gitig website contact - https://profiles.mountsinai.org/alon-gitig

Myeloperoxidase (MPO) biomarker for oxidative stress - https://www.liebertpub.com/doi/10.1089/ars.2020.8030


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