Episode 92

Male Sexuality: Is Porn watching good or bad? with Dr. Lisa Paz

Join Dr. Geo in a concise and revealing podcast episode featuring Dr. Lisa Paz, a prominent sex therapist. They tackle the often misunderstood topic of pornography's impact on male sexuality. Dr. Paz, equipped with her extensive experience in clinical sexology, challenges the prevailing view that pornography is solely detrimental to male sexual health. She articulates how, when used with thought and care, it can be a therapeutic tool, helping individuals and couples, particularly women, to understand sexual dynamics and preferences deeply.

Dr. Paz brings over 18 years of expertise in fostering healthy relationships and enhancing emotional and sexual intimacy among couples. Her influence spans her practice in Miami, her academic contributions at the University of Miami, and her role as a respected public speaker.

In this episode, Dr. Paz shares her innovative strategies for rekindling passion in relationships, highlighting how different methods, including the judicious use of pornography, can positively impact sexual experiences.

Tune in for this informative discussion with Dr. Lisa Paz and Dr. Geo to gain new insights into the constructive aspects of pornography in understanding and improving male sexuality.




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